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Where i find fail2ban?

Where i find fail2ban?

Hello @giuliania,

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We can monitor fail2ban using python.plugin, you can configure it with the following steps:

Enable plugin:

$ cd /etc/netdata
$ sudo ./edit-config pyhon.d.conf

After this remove the comment from the next line:

# fail2ban: yes

Configure module

Finally you can configure the plugin running:

$ sudo ./edit-config pyhon.d/fail2ban.conf

After this it is only necessary to restart Netdata.

Best regards!

Thank you for the answer.

When i try “sudo ./edit-config pyhon.d.conf” i receive error “File ‘pyhon.d.conf’ is not found in ‘/usr/lib/netdata/conf.d’”.

I found /usr/lib/netdata/conf.d/pyhon.d.conf and i remove comment # fail2ban: yes

I restart service but i don’t see menu.

How did you install your netdata?

When I ran the locatecommand I have the following output:

$ locate python.d.conf

Please, can you check for errors inside your /var/log/netdata/error.log ?

grep fail2ban /var/log/netdata/error.log

Best regards!