Why is all my nodes offline but running in the servers.

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I checked my cloud dashboard for monitoring and found that 8 out of my 10 nodes are offline. Though the node have Netdata agent running on each and claimed.

Relevant docs you followed/actions you took to solve the issue

I have tried to restarted the agents on the nodes but it still does not work.

Environment/Browser/Agent’s version

The agents use the Ubuntu linux OS. Version 20.04 and 22.04.

What I expected to happen

I expect the nodes to show online and metrics of whatever my agents are consuming.

Please, what can I do to recover the agents.

Hi @dare.

There has been an issue with version v1.39.0-97 of the agents which caused cloud connectivity issues. The issue is fixed in later nightly versions. The agent should update itself, or you could also manually run the netdata-updater script.

We are sorry this has affected you. Please also refer to https://status.netdata.cloud/ for more information.

Thank for the prompt reply.

UPDATE: I tried to manually update the agents on the node to the next update.

 wget -O /tmp/netdata-kickstart.sh https://my-netdata.io/kickstart.sh && sh /tmp/netdata-kickstart.sh

It worked. The nodes are back online.