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X509 certificate plugin gets permission denied


Ubuntu 18.04


I guess is a permission problem as the cert file I want to monitor is owned by root. So my real question/problem is, how can I handle this? It is possible to elevate permissions for the plugin to monitor owned by root certificates?

What I expected to happen

I expect to be able to monitor any file with independence to the owner user.

Hi @mbarper

Indeed, netdata user has no permissions to read files owned by root.

I am not a specialist, but i think we had pretty similar issue with filecheck collector, see Running Firefox as root in a regular user's session is not supported. ($HOME is /root which is owned by netdata.) · Issue #10205 · netdata/netdata · GitHub

We ended up with this solution go.d.plugin/modules/filecheck at master · netdata/go.d.plugin · GitHub

I hope it will help to resolve the problem!