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Agent 1.27 update issues

Noticed the same issue on both of my servers when trying to manually update via the kickstart shell script to v1.27, whereby the process hangs at the following, and CPU / RAM + kswapd0 goes crazy.

[user@server]# bash <(curl -Ss
 --- Found existing install of Netdata under: / ---
 --- Attempting to update existing install instead of creating a new one ---
[/etc/netdata]# //usr/libexec/netdata/ --not-running-from-cron

Anyone else having the same issue?

You are most likely encountering a bug in the updater script that was recently fixed.

You should be able to update the system in question by adding --reinstall to the end of the kickstart command (this will tell the script to skip trying to run an updater script from an existing install and just do a fresh install while preserving your data and config).

Legend, thanks Austin! Worked like a charm!