Alert notifications

Hi, all

I am seeking community help on alert notifications, but at a loss regarding where to post the question…

Should I use the alerts category, the support one, or rather this community topic?

Specifically I want to set a custom notification that posts info to a webhook. Sadly the only example on Custom | Learn Netdata send SMS, which is a much more limite use case IMHO.

Any idea where to post the question?


hmm is this the custom one you mentioned? Custom | Learn Netdata

i think a more general custom webhook example would make a lot of sense for sure. Let me see if i can ping anyone who might be able to help or find some other examples anywhere.

@Manolis_Vasilakis have you come across any examples of a custom webhook based alert?

Thinking could be a good example to add to the docs if we have one or would not be too difficult to make one (fyi @David).

Im not super familiar with all the alert notification stuff but feels like a general enough question im sure other users might find useful.