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notification by host

hi there,

i have seen this:
and it´s very nice to see that slack is working. i am just wondering if it’s possible to
use different type of notifications for each host. so for example:

host1: use slack - channel #123
host2: use slack - channel #567
host3: use sms
host4: use email

is that possible ? if yes, would you please point me to the docu ? :wink:

thanks a lot,

@Christopher-Akritidis no in details, my questions are more general to evaluate if it makes sense for me investing more time into this… but looks promising :smirk:

Have you seen how to do custom notifications? (
With a bit of bash scripting you can literally do anything you like, based on any of the parameters available in the notification call.

okay… would be nice to be able to also configure a notification by service, not only host… :wink:

Right now each node is configured separately to send notifications.

This may become inconvenient with large infrastructures, though containers help.

Going forward we have this in the works: