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Alerts for server down, not responding, web page alert?


Im trying to figure out if netdata is capable of alerting me if server is off/crashed
Aswell if nedata is capable to alert me if something “bad” happens with web page/web service(nginx), for example web page returns 5xx code.

Im using and adding nodes to it.

Is there any solutions for my needs?


Hi Ezols,

Yes, Netdata Cloud can notify if a server is an unreachable sate.
Please check out our documentation on Alert notifications. You’ll see that each user can select which the notifications they want to receive, for each War Room, including the unreachable ones.

On the topic of creating some specific alerts, like the scenario you mention, you can check Configure health alarms. Please note that, for now, if you have multiple nodes where you want to apply these configuration you’ll need to do it for each one them.

Hope I was able to help, if there are any doubts let us know.