Cannot Locate Export/Import Button on Dashboard

I’m having trouble locating the export/import button on the dashboard. Shouldn’t it be positioned at the top right corner of the page?

For reference, I installed it using the following command:
wget -O /tmp/ && sh /tmp/

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@Mitanshu_Bhoot : Can you provide more details on the export / import button you expect on the UI? What do you expect this button to do post installation of the Netdata Agent?

Hi @sashwathn , this is for Import, export, and print a snapshot | Learn Netdata which enables us to import/export a snapshot of the dashboard.

Hi @sashwathn , following up on this!

Hi @sashwathn, any idea on this?

Have the same issue on 1.44.3 while trying to understand why netdata perodically creates fake high load on linux vm but need a way to keep data for further analysis.

Having the same problem here.


this was a functionality available on the old UI. we haven’t yet picked up, even still validating if we need to do it, the work to make it available on the new one

you can access the old UI like this, /v1 at the end

docs need to be updated to call this out, thanks for reporting it