Cannot set timeframe in google chrome

  1. Verify first that your question wasn’t asked before on the forum.
    Could not find anything related.

  2. Briefly explain what is the problem you are having
    When clicking the top bar to set a in ex a twelve hour window, all charts disappear, and no window comes up(with dates etc)

  3. Try to provide as much information about your environment as possible. (e.g OS, container, etc.)
    Installed latest docker image on latets stable unraid release. It has been working up untill a few days ago. Microsoft Edge browser works just fine.

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Hi @Wernstar ,
Could you please send us a screenshot or a small video? This way it’d be easier for us to reproduce the issue.
Moreover, the console logs from Chrome, would help us to better understand what’s happening.

Thanks a lot!

Hey @Wernstar, just checking with you regarding the issues you face in Google Chrome.
Could you please provide us with some extra context to continue the troubleshooting?