cannot view old threads

I haven’t log in here for a year or so. I went to notifications, I click the thread, but it tells me it doesn’t exist or is private.
How can I view the replies to my post?

Hi @ml35, yes we deprecated this category because all the feature request are now submitted to GitHub

  1. Feature request form for Netdata cloud
  2. Feature request form for Netdata Agent


is there any way I can view those discussions or are they gone for good? I invested quite a lot of time thinking and writing to forums about idea in the false alarm detection thread.

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Hi @ml35 how are you today?

I’ve changed the category on your threads so you can see the replies.

As @Tasos_Katsoulas mentioned, the feature requests category in the Forums was deprecated in favour of discussing them directly in the repositories, whether through an issue template or Github Discussions.

Let me know if we can help with anything else, thank you for your contributions and have a nice day!

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