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Change of e-mail address

I am trying to update/change the e-mail address associated with Netdata Cloud. I do see the address in the profile view (avatar top right), but there is no way to change it. How to go about it?

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At the moment it is not possible to change email for your netdata account. You can invite the new email to your space and make it administrator, so in essence “transferring” the account.

You can read more about it in our FAQ:
Change of e-mail address

Hi @OdysLam,

thanks for clarifying the approach. I can certainly work it out that way. Maybe it would help to add an “Want to change your e-mail?” in the profile view referencing your FAQ entry?

Speaking of the FAQ, the link you provided points back to this post. Can you sent me the correct link? I actually tried to find an answer to my question on your site, but did not succeed (hence this post).