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Cloud Resistration Email never arrives


usually I use a alias per Service where I register, so I created an alias for netdata too.
The alias worked fine for the registration for this forum,but not if I try to register onthe cloud website.

Ist there anything we can do?

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I am not sure what you mean, the Netdata Cloud registration did not allow you to use that email alias?

If it is that the case, can you send me a personal message with the alias so that our engineers can look into it?

Hi @OdysLam , I mean, when I try to register at:
I type in my Email address and do see at the bottom that a Email was send, but I never receive it.

I’ll PM you my email address.

Hey @TrackMeDown,

As often is the case with registration emails no being received by Netdata Cloud (soon-to-be) users, the emails usually just bounce.

We made an investigation with our email provider and it showed that the email bounces. There is not much we can do from our end to resolve this. I am sorry.

I hope you can sort it easy enough, so we can start talking about helping you leverage the features of Netdata Cloud to make your life easier.


Thanks @OdysLam ,

I guess this is due to the greylisting my ISP does on email aliasses. I’ll check if there is anything I can do to get around this.

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Sounds like a plan @TrackMeDown. Do keep us posted.