email not received - invalid email error


I’m trying go sign-in to my existing Netdata cloud account on a new laptop using the email address I originally created the account with.

I do not receive the sign-in email and an error pops-up on the sign-in page stating ínvalid email’. I realised today that emails sent to this address were probably going undelivered for several months because I’d forgotten to update some forwarding settings.

Could this have locked my account?

Hello @scottyd ,

First of all thank you for using Netdata, and also for reaching out to us.

Could you please send me in a DM your email so I could take a look?


I’m marking this as solved as Costas provided assistance and resolved the sign-in issue for me.

My issue in this instance looks to have been caused by my log-in email being flagged as spam due to it returning undeliverable messages for a period of time (my fault, a config issue on my end).
Costas mentioned that they are actively looking into how to make this a non-issue in the future.