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Not receiving sign-in email

I received the invite email from, sent by one of my colleagues. I opened the registration page and submitted my email: I never receive the sign-in email. I tried multiple times, checked my spam/junk folder, etc.

Then I tried with my personal email address, and it worked - I received an email (but I can’t use that email address, because it mismatches with my work space on Netdata). So there is some reason why mail is not getting through to my work address ( We are on Outlook mail. I have added to my trusted list in Outlook - is there something else I must do?

Hi @cornel,

Based on our logs, a sign in email was sent to you at 2021/02/10 6:45 am UTC.
Moreover, our email tracking platform verifies that this email was opened multiple times between 2021/02/10 6:46am UTC and 2021/02/10 6:54am UTC.

Could you please verify that Outlook isn’t grouping/filtering your emails, effectively preventing you from accessing the sign in email?

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Thanks, the messages were quarantined in Outlook. My IT has now added to the trusted list. I have signed in successfully.