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New user invite not working


Invited user cannot login because netdata portal shows user in ’ Invitations awaiting response’

Sent Space invite to user for access to specific warrooms
Logged out of netdata portal
Clicked link in invite email - which goes to regular netdata portal login page
Enter email address to request login as the newly invited user
No email is received.

When I login as the admin (the one who sent the invite), then the portal shows the system is still waiting for invited user to accept invite.


Brave - Version 1.18.75 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (Official Build) (64-bit)
MS Edge - Version 87.0.664.60 (Official build) (64-bit)

What I expected to happen

The invited user should show up in the portal as having accepted the invite
The invited user should receive an login email.

@Manos_Saratsis, please, can you take a look on this with the cloud team?

We are giving up on Netdata. Th portal login is unreliable, too often we stop receiving login emails, and the invite process is broken and no movement on it. What netdata offers is good, but if you cannot access it may as well not exist. Not storing login passwords is not the solution.

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Hi @baitnetdata,

Apologies for getting back to you on so late notice. I am Odysseas and I manage this community, due to vacations, the backlog was quite substantial when I returned, so some things did slip.

Regarding your issue, it is something that occasionally users experience, due to their web server or ISP blocking/bouncing our email.

If you like, please do send a DM to @harris (Back-End engineer) with your email, so he can look it up in our mail server logs and properly debug this issue.

Finally, thank you for your feedback regarding our sign up/sign-in process. We are working on several fronts on Netdata Cloud and you help us prioritize our work better.

If you have any further issues and/or questions, please do say. I will love to help you leverage the full power of Netdata Cloud and Netdata Agent.



We have the same issue with one invite not being received.
Is it possible to check what is going on ?



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Welcome @nv6protect to our growing community!

Please do send a message to @harris with your email so that he can check our systems.

Thank you!

Solved very quickly by @harris

Thanks again !

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I found the missing Netdata login emails in mail system quarantine marked as ‘phish’.

For some reason not all were blocked. I suspect it happens if you do a lot of logins in a short timeframe, e.g. when testing.

Best to select the first login email you get and add it to allow domain or allow sender, so that future emails get delivered.