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Space Invite not working


The users I am trying to invite to my Space have existing Spaces associated with their emails, and when they try to sign in, they are signed into their Space and are not granted access to my Space, and the “invite” I can see in my admin panel just sits unclaimed.



What I expected to happen

For them to be invited to my Space, and still have access to their Space.

They just kept clicking the link until it worked. I suppose I don’t need assistance anymore.

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Hey @Mbrantley thank you for your report. We tried to reproduce the issue, but no luck. Maybe there was a hiccup and the /join-space request could not be completed successfully at that time.

However, we’ve identified a problematic flow that affects the user experience and makes it unclear for users wether they’ve joined a new space successfully. The team will work on a fix for it. In the meantime, if you still experience this issue please don’t hesitate to reply to this ticket and we’ll help asap. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Having this issue as well. Shows as successfully joining the space, but have no access to it even after a reload.

Doesn’t help that the “If you have any issues, please contact” email is unmonitored either.

Does anyone use this feature?

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We have hundreds of successful invitee sign ups every month. We will need the email you used to accept the invitation, to trace what happened. Can you please send it to

We will be fixing the message, it’s supposed to point people to the forums now. Thanks for pointing it out!

hey @DJM0,

I am so sorry that you are encountering this issue. This indeed seems unusual.

Can you please record a screen recording (e.g using loom) and send it over direct message to me? I will direct it to our engineers.

Regarding the support email, indeed we have transitioned to these support forums. We will make sure to edit the message accordingly. Thank you for finding this.

EDIT: I see @Christopher_Akritid1 responded first! Please do send your email and the recording. At this point, we are not certain if it’s a bug to our react app, the backend or some other issue.