Wrong Link page received when trying to verify my email

3 of our team received invites for Netdata login but we all receive a Wrong Link page when we try to verify our email

I don’t recall seeing this before. Please forward one of these invitations to chris@netdata.cloud and we’ll investigate. Keep the email address of the invitee in the forwarded invitation.

Just forwarded the Email

Experienced this same issue when trying to sign in for netdata.

I see in Enabling SSL for Click and Open Tracking for Your Account – SendGrid the following, checking the proxy settings.

“Wrong Link” error

  • When running the URL check, we’ll sometimes run into a “Wrong Link” error. This typically means that traffic is not being forwarded to the link branding. When this happens, you’ll need to ensure you’ve completed step 3 in the “Using a Proxy” section.

We’re actually not supposed to be using link branding at all, so we shouldn’t be seeing these errors.
I contacted their support about it and waiting for the answer.

We disabled something in our settings which shouldn’t be causing this, but the support agent said to do it and see if we’re still getting such errors. If anyone sees this again, please reply here.

Still getting the error.

Thanks for the confirmation. I have them on chat right now, let’s hope that this agent can help more.

One detail I don’t get, is you mentioned inviting team members, but the email you forwarded me was asking to “Verify your email”, which is what you get when you try to sign up on your own. The invitation email says “Join [space name]”. I don’t think it matters actually, but you get wrong links consistently from both processes?

Sorry for the confusion, someone from my team set up the original account and tried inviting 3 of us to it. Don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but we have email security that changes the link on the Verify Email button URL to a protected URL

Well then your email security clearly doesn’t work properly for these specific sendgrid links. It’s probably because they themselves are changed URLs from the original.

I temporarily disabled the sendgrid conversion because their support was no help in identifying the issue. It took a few minutes, but now the emails contain our original URLs. Please try signing up/in or inviting someone now, and let’s see if your email security works with that link.

Actually I’ll need to turn it back on again, so I invited you @clukasiewicz to a personal space I have. The original url in the invitation will be starting with https://app.netdata.cloud
If the button works for you, then it’s proof that your email security doesn’t handle the sendgrid URLs very well (not sure about next steps then, but perhaps you can add exclusions).

I’m now switching back to the previous state, because we want those sendgrid URLs for our analytics to work.

Worked with the app.netdata.cloud link

We are getting the same “Wrong link” message since a few days when trying to sign up.

I have created an account and invited a few of my team members, they are clicking on the invitation and then try to verify their email, which leads to a https://u8647778.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=vWWQSJ82NaXwl1rg387b639Q777QuIfiMRznsJ3-2BNzxzaR6R5M5Yxu2RdIpGVvZT2eybhVlks1bypWUEYTduymLZqhB3-2BibX6Tm0spJnxyyYv8TKHPhEsdZGEdLqtf3ZvdTkRGkJJA-2BvGJHimELfeExZ04UQsi763Ca4awol9ABntrexsf9f0g6zGa6WeXcE7OFzjMiVZD4lWZhW4shqqY-2F6Sau-2Bgyu3cdwbDD8ikZzijO-2FsLY-2BzO03ah8KJFXO1bd1NYYD6uRxhWH5M-2BkaxnVKsRyv1HL5aMq-2BxrsVcuZVNyTKObP7H6R0G6DaiIjLFQr298xoRBA5oqqiKFBb6Hi9DzwRgZ4bHofo3ydi5oeIiNfAFxcd3-2BqXLMRz0nUH4VXA-2FxZvtDZzBu3652X99-2Fs7D4WSrR5-.......etc. link.

When they are clicking on it (any browser) they see the following message:
" Wrong Link

You have clicked on an invalid link. Please make sure that you have typed the link correctly. If are copying this link from a mail reader please ensure that you have copied all the lines in the link."

First they are clicking on the invitation link, which will lead to the “Login page” as they are not having accounts yet. The next email they are receiving is the “Verify email” which will then lead to the “Wrong link” error page.

Please advise

Some members in Discord reported they solved it by opening the same link in a different device, like a smartphone. Could you please try it and check if it works?

@thstei do you:

  • Use Outlook?
  • Have email security somwehere that changes the link sent originally?

Trying from a different email client seems to help in the first case, but we haven’t yet figured out why. We’re continuing to investigate.

The following bug that was being used to track this has been closed, this solves the issues on verification email (sign-in) flow and the invitation flow.