Login email takes hours to arrive in my inbox


Since a few days now I cannot login to netdata.cloud. What’s funny is that the login email eventually makes it to my inbox, but many hours later.

Other notifications email have no issues. Validation email for creating an account on the forum had no issues. Only the login to netdata.cloud takes ages.

What’s up with that?

Hi @Smap ,

Welcome to our forums and thank you for raising this with us.

We will be looking into what’s happening but in order to help us on the troubleshooting, could you let us know what mail provider you are using and what is your email? You can share that to hugo at netdata dot cloud


Email sent your way!

The email provider is fastmail.com.

The issue was that fastmail.com was rate limiting the IP sending the login emails (more than 800/day).

Fastmail agreed to increase the quota for that IP, which solves the issue. Netdata team is looking into purchasing more IP to avoid such issues.

Problem solved!

Cheers :slight_smile:


Thanks @Smap

We also followed up a bit internally with sendgrid and added some more IP addresses to our sendgrid account that should also help a bit here (since no longer all coming from same IP they might be less likely to be rate limited like you experienced).

Just posting in case anyone else comes across similar in future.

Long term I think we need to fully split our alert emails from the admin type emails so they completely separate.