Inviting a new user to cloud?

Ok, I must be doing something really stupid here or not understanding things correctly. I just invited myself to my instance of netdata cloud, using a different email. I wanted to test the experience of a new user that I would later invite.

I sent the invite then logged out of my regular account. I got the email fine with a nice explanation of what to do, click the green button etc.

When I clicked the button I appear to just be sent to the regular login or create account page, see image.
Is this the expected result?
I tried putting the email in the email box and it confirmed my email, when I logged back in I seem to be taken to a regular space, asking me to update to business edition etc?
I must be missing something.

I expected the new user to be taken straight to the war room after they logged in?

I just confirmed this again, it seems broken. Here is the screen I got when I logged in with the new account.
I don’t see anything of the space or room I was invited to.

Ok, I figured this out. Essentially the person who you want to invite, must already have a netdata cloud account.
If they haven’t, ask them to create an account and let you have the email address they used, then you can invite this to your space, restrict it to a room etc.
As I understand, if you have a business/homelab account, these people you invite can be set as an observer and they do not need a subscription.
Please correct me if I am wrong.