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Alarm Mail go to wrong emial address now


Since some days the alarm emails go to my 'normal ’ E-Mail Adress

Before they went to a special mailadress which I created just for these purposes .

I cannot remember how i configured this and I don’t see a configuration option in the cloud for this purpose



What I expected to happen

The mails should arrive at my special mailbox

Thanks a lot


The email address is shown in your profile and it’s essentially a unique identifier for an account. You probably invited yourself using your ‘normal’ address and have two accounts now connected to your space, one with your ‘normal’ and one with your special address. You will need to log in with the one you don’t want and either leave the space, or turn off notifications (both can be done by accessing your profile). Just ensure that the account remaining is still an admin of your space, by reviewing the list of users in “Manage Space”.

Thank you very much. The problem was that the local netdata installations sent their mail too.

I cleaned that up.

Thanks again !