Cloud account: add option to sent notifications for 'warnings only'

It would be helpful if there is a possibility to be able to select ‘warnings only’ as a notification option in a cloud account. This way it would be possible to send warnings to a different email address (or other available notification service) than where all the other more important notifications are send to.

@xkoevoet the idea behind the decision for the current options was:

  • provide means for users to select “All Alerts and unreachable” or “All Alerts” to a secondary kind of alert log notification integration
  • allow users to specify that they need Critical only or Unreachable only that could to to a primary notification integration

not saying that adding this flexibility would hurt or compromise this decision but it was not a priority to consider.

there is a somehow related feature request on these options here which we could look into when picking this up

Thank you for your reply. I’ll keep an eye on the Github ticket.