Cloud home overview data discrepancy


The “Data Replication” stats doesn’t seem to agree with the node overview. The node overview shows 7 nodes with single replication factor, but the “Data Replication” shows 0.

How often is the “Data Replication” updated?


How is the “Data retention per Node” calculated? I have 8 nodes in total, 1 parent and 7 children, I’ve increased the retention on the parent as described in Deployment strategies | Learn Netdata

I’d expect this to give the nodes more than <1w retention, or maybe I have misunderstood what this chart means?

Relevant docs you followed/actions you took to solve the issue

I’ve looked through the documentation and searched on this forum without finding any answers.

Environment/Browser/Agent’s version etc

Debian, Ubuntu and Arch. Firefox. v1.44.2

What I expected to happen

Understand the cloud overview statistics :slight_smile:

I’m copying some of the discussion that happened on Discord.

thomasjsn: Now that I’ve collected data for more than one week — I realize that the Data retention per Nodes values is the actual retention, not the theoretical capacity.

hugo.valente: there is definitely something fishy here, we’ve put this together with a couple of other points that we’ve identified internally to fix. thanks for the feedback (…)

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