Docker containers running on EC2 not visible in cloud

I can see plenty of information on my docker containers when I login to the local web interface on port 19999 of my EC2 instance which is running straight docker containers:

But no information on the individual containers is seen when I login to the cloud interface:

Why can’t I see my running containers on the cloud interface?

How can I get the cloud interface to show my docker containers?


Please see AmazonLinux2 Installation -- is there an RPM? - #4 by rpalmer-koverly for details on installing netdata on AmazonLinux 2 from scratch using the EPEL repository, and the results seen for running docker containers on the local interface versus the cloud interface.

Hint: They’re seen locally, but not on the cloud interface.

They’re there, in your “cgroups” charts. See [Bug]: Lost the possiblity to see individual charts on Single Node view · Issue #654 · netdata/netdata-cloud · GitHub

OK, thanks. It’d be more super helpful to me to be able to arrow in to a specific docker container like on the local port 19999 interface instead of having to drill in through cgroups → cpu/mem/disk/net and then adjust the Group By and then select the specific Instance.

Looking forward to bug Issue 564’s resolution.