Error in attempting to connect node: Unable to find a usable temporary directory.

I am trying to connect my netdata to cloud. I installed the netdata agent with the following optional parameters, --no-updates --stable-channel --disable-telemetry. When trying to connect the node using the command from the UI, Im getting this errors. Also note that Im not able to view my local dashboard by using the IP address of my linux machine. It seems that it is not connected with my local machine.

I also dont have in /usr/ibexec/netdata path. That’s why I cannot uninstall netdata.

Hello @jerometeano,

For kickstart script to run properly, you need to be able to rw and execute from the /tmp folder (by default).

Try to remount with these permissions: mount /tmp -o remount,rw,exec. If this is not an option for your system consider creating a new tmpfs mount point in your system with those permission. Then set the env variable TMPDIR to this path/point, download the kickstart script there and rerun it.

Let me know if this worked for your case.

I was able to uninstall netdata agent. Then for the reinstall, I have added the claim token and claim URL from netdata cloud and was successful to connect my node to the cloud. My question now is, is it normal that my netdata.conf does not have default entries?

Cool, allow me to fork the second question into a different topic, I will ping you there.