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Eventual Pricing and Tiers

What will the pricing or tiers eventually look like? I just need something I can make a year, or so, projection on, so I can do some planning.

I really like Netdata for its ease of use, and Netdata cloud is coming together nicely. It’s especially nice for my personal stuff. There are some wish list items, but it sounds like they will be addressed. :slight_smile:

However on the business side, I’m kind of in limbo until I have some idea about the pricing/tiers. Deploying something into production, and then immediately have to turn around and replace it with something else because there is now a price tag attached which wasn’t in the budget is a worst case scenario.

We’d be a small deployment, so nothing big.

Hi @jollyrogue,

Sorry for taking this long to reply, this post fell through the cracks :pleading_face: . We are not ready yet to share any more information regarding pricing or details about enterprise plugins.

What we can say, is that we are committed to providing as much value as possible, for free, for everyone. As we have already proved with the open-source agent.

If you have any other question, please shoot and I will try to respond in under 20min (minutes, not days :sweat_smile: )

Would webhooks/integrations, like say, to push notifications to Zulip, or some other IM system, from Netdata Cloud fall under “enterprise plugins”?

Thanks. Right now, we do not have plans to charge for the features that are currently available in Netdata Cloud. In the future, we’ll be offering complementary paid services for advanced user control and auditing, increased metadata retention, and enterprise plugins. Our intention is not to charge for core monitoring and troubleshooting features.

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