Feature suggestion for diagrams: add the choice of maximum, average and minimum lines

Currently, the values of the data peaks get smaller and smaller the further you zoom out of a chart due to the summarized data points are computed as averages.
Sometimes, however, it would be useful to display the maximum or minimum values of the summarized data points.
For this you could insert a new icon in the header of the diagrams with the selections ‘maximum’, ‘average’ and ‘minimum’ like this:



Thanks @ToffiCap we had been ideating on something very similar to this a little while ago. @hugo fyi, similar request to the summary stats stuff we were thinking about a while ago.


Hi @ToffiCap ,

Thanks for the suggestion and for even going into designer-mode to provide a suggestion :slight_smile:

You are right @andrewm4894, we have that summary stats to show these kind of statistics over dimensions and we also have this ticket [Feat]: Allow the definition of the aggregation function over time on composite charts bar #433 that is exactly what @ToffiCap is asking for.

This is currently on our backlog, but we hope to be able to pick this one up soon.


Hi @ToffiCap ,

Not sure you saw our latest enhancement to composite charts, but we now expose an option where you can control which function is applied when multiple datapoints are aggregated to one on a chart.

Here is a small sample:

Please try it out and let us know what you think.


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