Cosmetic issue: different lines have the same color

i noticed that in certain graphs the different lines have the same color.
For me, this affects the following diagrams, both in system-overview and chart-specific:

Network Bandwidth:
Network Bandwidth

Disk I/O Bandwidth:
Disk IO Bandwidth

I would argue that it’s completely subjective whether this is the right or wrong way to visualize the data. Since one of the values will always be negative and the other always positive, they will never overlap, and you can argue that the color conveys that they are, in a way, related values in the sense that they are bandwidth metrics for the same interface. It also allows visual feeeback for the immediate question of what the total bandwidth usage is like (big green colored area vs black) without immediately indicating whether that usage is composed of upstream or downstream, which again, is subjective whether that’s a good thing or not.

If you could combine multiple interfaces in the same graph (which you can’t I guess, but for the sake of argument) having one color per interface like this would probably be preferable.

Since styling graphs is, as far as I know, also not possible in Netdata, I think your best bet for graph customizations is to export the data elsewhere and graph it as you wish, in Grafana for example — but I don’t agree that this can be considered an objectively “wrong” way of displaying the data.

Hi @tirpitz,

it was not my intention to consider this as an objectively “wrong” way of displaying the data.
Just cosmetic, as been said.
But if this diagram representation is intended that way, it’s ok.

Greets, ToffiCap

Thanks @ToffiCap for raising this, agree it’s a bit strange and actually something else I have noticed before - that dim colors in overview tab can sort of be sometimes a free for all versus in the single node tab where they sort of do have a light semantic default defined. So in your case it should be green and red afaik. If you go to same chart on the single node tab for that chart do you see green and red for that chart?

I’ll raise this with frontend team as I know it’s on the radar but just want to check with them in case this is some sort of regression or something.

Thanks again for posting!

Hi @andrewm4894,

the same chart on the single node tab has different colors, green and red.

Greets, ToffiCap

Thanks @ToffiCap im just cross linking this open bug that i found that i believe is related to this and where we will track any FE work to fix.