Graph colour schemes are not consistent


The colour scheme used by the same graphs on different pages are not consistent. This makes it difficult to quickly read/understand graphs and is bad UX.

For example, on the Overview tab, the “system.ram” graph uses the scheme:

  • buffers: green
  • cached: red
  • free: blue
  • used: orange

While on node tabs the scheme is:

  • buffers: orange
  • cached: blue
  • free: green
  • used: red

And when you add the graph to a dashboard it’s:

  • buffers: blue
  • cached: red
  • free: orange
  • used: green


Any browser.

What I expected to happen

Graphs displaying the same information should have the same colour scheme in all views. In this case, it seems that the colours used on the node tabs make the most sense. It certainly doesn’t make sense for “used” to be green!

I do note that disk_space graphs do maintain the same colours on both node tabs and dashboards, but at the very least “system.ram” and “system.cpu” do not. “system.cpu” even displays in completely different colours on different node tabs, seemingly depending on whether a “nice” dimension is present or not.

Hi Stuart!
Thank you for your valuable feedback!
I’ll pass your comments to our Product and UX team to take a look at the consistency the color schemes are populated on the charts.

I’ll keep you posted for any updates,