go.d SNMP plugin titleoid support


I recently updated from a pretty old Netdata version (still with node.js support) to 1.36.1 (now without the node.js plugin). The main node.js plugin I was using was SNMP. I successfully ported the node.js configuration file to the go.d SNMP plugin format.

However, I’m unable to get one important feature to work and that’s the “titleoid”. Browsing through the go.d snmp plugin source-code it seems that feature has not been ported rom the node.js plugin. Is that a correct understanding? Is it potentially planned to be re-implemented in the future?

Thank you!

Hi, @geraldh. See [Bug]: node.d snmp to go.d snmp doesn't work properly · Issue #12860 · netdata/netdata · GitHub

We have the option to specify custom labels, or to set up different job names. Both are useable in overview charts.
Different job names also work for the agent UI.

Do any of these options cover you @geraldh ?