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How to convert a Docker install to a native install?

I initially installed netdata on this machine using Docker and it works just fine, but I realized I’d like to run it “directly on the metal” because of, for instance, GPU monitoring, etc.

How do I best “convert” the install to a native one? I mainly don’t want to lose the association on Netdata Cloud, since it’s added in all these war rooms and dashboards, etc; Netdata config files I can transfer over fine.

Thanks in advance!

The relevant directories you would need to copy out of the container to the host are /var/lib/netdata/registry (this contains the machine GUID information, which needs to stay the same for the cloud to work) and /var/lib/netdata/cloud.d (this contains the actual cloud configuration). Provided you copy those exactly, the native install should be able to connect to the cloud using the exact same credentials. Just make sure you don’t run the container at the same time as the native install, as that might confuse the cloud.


Well, despite trying to remember this warning it slipped my mind, but no worries - the native install simply didn’t even come up because it couldn’t bind to the ports occupied by the docker install :upside_down_face:

Anyway, this is precisely what I needed and it worked just fine, many thanks!