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How to customize Netdata

Hello! I’me new at Netdata and in this forume. I wanted to ask, how can i change the Netdata favicon into my own, some text on the main page,images and etc. Can you please guide me, because i’m new. Waiting for your reply!

Hi there! Welcome to Netdata and our community!

The web server doc has information about customizing the standard dashboard. That section has information on overwriting the default names and text by editing dashboard_info.js.

Regarding the favicon, I’m not 100% sure this works—I’m not sure anyone has requested this before—but you should be able to navigate to the web server directory and replace the favicon.ico that already exists. By default, that web server folder is /usr/share/netdata/web.

Let me know if that helps! I do have a pending PR that helps to better organize some customization options, so maybe your use case ends up contributing some content to that PR.


Hello! Thank you for your reply! I will try to do what you told and will write the result here. I wanted also to ask, is there possible to change the Netdata ui language? For example i need a Lithuanian language. Waiting for your reply!

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Netdata doesn’t have any built-in localization. However, if someone took the time to localize a lot of the descriptive text that’s scattered throughout the dashboard via dashboard_info.js or other static files, we’d be really happy to support that here in the community and help provide instructions on how others could apply those files to their nodes. Something to consider, perhaps!