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How to whitelist graphs/sections

  • Installed netdata on linux server and on pi
  • Looking to hide/disable most (80%) of the graphs/sidebar
  • On linux server, I modified netdata.conf and uncommented and set enabled=no
  • I did that for about 200 graphs. The ones I wanted remained untouched
  • Before I did the same exercise on the pi, I realized that the graphs/sidebar have different data here (for instance, there’s a section for NFS Server, a section for Firewall, and a section for Pi-hole)
  • Rather than customize netdata.conf for each machine, is it possible to ‘whitelist’ certain graphs/sections so that they appear, and everything else is hidden? Sounds like it would be much quicker than going and disabling graphs one at a time
  • I don’t want to create my own dashboard, I want to use the default one (I commonly use the time selector, alarms, etc)
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This is an interesting idea cc @ilyam8 @Manos_Saratsis.

At this point, it’s not possible, since you don’t disable graphs but rather plugins, the difference being that you stop gathering data all-together for what you turn to no, instead of gathering data but simply hiding it in the UI, while it remains unused in the database.

Perhaps it would make sense to be able to whitelist plugins.

Thank you for this idea. I am curious on to what others have to say about this!