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I want to deploy a stateless scalable configured docker container of Netdata to many servers

I am wondering if I wanted to deploy a scaled Docker Swarm cluster of Netdata to all hosts in a Docker Swarm if I can set all of the configuration options as environment variables or if I’ll need to create my own container that adds this kind of functionality.

Ideally, I don’t want to have to dig into any of the individual swarm nodes to add the or registry key and any notification configs can someone describe the proper way to accomplish this?

Currently, the things that can be configured via environment variables are pretty limited. Listening port is the only major thing that can be currently configured via environment variables.

Short term, there are plans to add support for automatic claiming to Netdata Cloud configured through environment variables. You can do this today with a custom image by editing the entrypoint script to run the claiming script. The actual claiming command for a given combination of account and rooms to claim a node to is time-invariant, so you can just embed it directly in the Docker image.

Longer-term, I would love to add support for configuration of Docker containers using environment variables, but it’ß likely to be a serious undertaking and thus probably won’t happen soon.