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Add NODE Script

unRAID. Installed NetData. I have many servers at different locations running netdata. I would like to add to netdata cloud. I figure out how to get script with in netdata.

Where does one put this script?

I see no place to add within the netdata web interface.
I get “Docker : not found” when trying " Console " on the Docker in unRAID.
Is there a “config” file somewhere that it needs added to?

So where does one put this script? The instructions seem vague

"Run the script below on any node you want to claim. For Docker containers and other methods. " Where do I “run” this at?


@KingDataZX thx for using Cloud. You can use docker exec to run the claiming script on containers already running, or append the claiming script to docker run to create a new container and immediately claim it.

Please let us know if these instructions are sufficient to you.

What we need in essence is to get a terminal inside the container and run the claiming command. This can be done, either by SSHing into the container or executing the sh program in the container, which in turn provides a terminal to run commands.

If you can’t execute a program inside the container using docker exec, you need to gain shell access inside the container some other way. According to this forum post, the docker command should be available in UNRAID.

netdata was installed via the APPS, as a Docker container.


The script is already installed with the netdata installation, so we need just to run it. How did you install netdata in unraid?