Improve alerts for netdata monitoring

I receive a lot of warning and clears as email notification for tcp_resets.

Can we solve the issue or can ignore this alert?

thank you

Hi @s.oezkan

Can you please check this ticket: [Bug]: Netdata autoupdate generates ipv4_tcp_resets · Issue #13742 · netdata/netdata · GitHub ?

It lists a small modification to the alert to try to reduce it’s impact. Do you receive them as well at certain times per day?

Please let us know if it helps with your case as well, or if you need any help in applying it. You can edit your stock alert (in /usr/lib/netdata/conf.d/health.d/tcp_resets.conf) or use edit-config in /etc/netdata (./edit-config health.d/tcp_resets.conf) to create a custom one and change that.

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Hi @Manolis_Vasilakis

yes, there are always a lot of e-mails arriving at almost the same time in the morning.

i’m going to check this ticket now and try to edit my stock alert.

thank you

Ok, could be similar case, alerts being caused by netdata’s update procedure, are you running nightlies ?