Install netdata on an azure web app instance


I would like to install netdata on an Azure Web App instance but as soon as i restart the web app, netdata disappears because only the /home dir is persistant.

Environment/Browser/Agent’s version etc

I’m using a linux Web App.

What I want to happen

I would like to know how to install everything needed for netdata and netdata itself in the home folder so that it remains where it is and it remains the same node.

Hi @Nifle and welcome to the community!

Try running kickstart with --build-only --install-prefix "/home". Please let us know if it does solve the issue, as we’ll need to update the docs if it does, to make it clear.

I get this error even after doing it again as it says

Looks like you can’t directly connect agents running on Azure Web Apps to cloud, so you’ll need to run kickstart with --disable-cloud.

Not to worry though, you can have a parent Netdata on some other node and have the Netdata instances running on the ephemeral webapps act as children, streaming their data to that parent. It’s best practice anyway, see Why is data replication important? | Netdata Blog
Then you can claim just the parent and not have to worry about persistence in the children, as the parent will have its own persistent storage.

Someone will check if there’s anything we can do from our side to allow the agent-cloud link (ACLK) to work there as well, but the error doesn’t look promising.

ok thanks for helping