installing ND - python3.8 dependency

hello, Im installing new ND agent from kickstart script on Rocky8 linux on ec2

its showing a python3.8 dependncy and installs python3.8

I already have py3.11 and py3.6 on this host, is there any way to avoid installing additional python env?

root@min1 /opt yum remove netdata\*
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                                      Architecture         Version                                                  Repository                   Size
 netdata                                      x86_64               1.42.0-1.el8                                             @netdata                    111 M
 netdata-ebpf-legacy-code                     x86_64               1.42.0-1.el8                                             @netdata                     26 M
 netdata-plugin-apps                          x86_64               1.42.0-1.el8                                             @netdata                    4.7 M
 netdata-plugin-chartsd                       x86_64               1.42.0-1.el8                                             @netdata                     77 k
 netdata-plugin-debugfs                       x86_64               1.42.0-1.el8                                             @netdata                    4.3 M
 netdata-plugin-ebpf                          x86_64               1.42.0-1.el8                                             @netdata                    7.5 M
 netdata-plugin-go                            x86_64               1.42.0-1.el8                                             @netdata                     62 M
 netdata-plugin-perf                          x86_64               1.42.0-1.el8                                             @netdata                    4.1 M
 netdata-plugin-pythond                       x86_64               1.42.0-1.el8                                             @netdata                    1.4 M
 netdata-plugin-slabinfo                      x86_64               1.42.0-1.el8                                             @netdata                    4.1 M
 netdata-plugin-systemd-journal               x86_64               1.42.0-1.el8                                             @netdata                    4.4 M
 netdata-repo                                 noarch               2-1                                                      @@commandline               540  
Removing unused dependencies:
 libatomic                                    x86_64               8.5.0-18.el8                                             @baseos                      28 k
 python38                                     x86_64               3.8.16-1.module+el8.8.0+1313+e073abae.1                  @appstream                   24 k
 python38-libs                                x86_64               3.8.16-1.module+el8.8.0+1313+e073abae.1                  @appstream                   33 M
 python38-pip                                 noarch               19.3.1-6.module+el8.7.0+1063+20f2b9a4                    @appstream                  7.4 M
 python38-pip-wheel                           noarch               19.3.1-6.module+el8.7.0+1063+20f2b9a4                    @appstream                  1.0 M
 python38-setuptools                          noarch               41.6.0-5.module+el8.5.0+672+ab6eb015                     @appstream                  2.9 M
 python38-setuptools-wheel                    noarch               41.6.0-5.module+el8.5.0+672+ab6eb015                     @appstream                  352 k

Transaction Summary
Remove  19 Packages

Hey, @perfecto25. Thanks for reporting the issue. I think it will be fixed in Clean up python deps for RPM packages. by Ferroin · Pull Request #15804 · netdata/netdata · GitHub.

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