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Integration with Teams


We followed below link to set up the integration with our Teams but, nothing seems to be come through to our channel.

Guys, cannot wait to see that! Thanks

@nitsan-reznik thx for the comment. Also in Cloud we are preparing a centralized alarm notifications feature. Integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams are some we intent to do early.


That would be useful.

We look forward to seeing that guide,

Hi Nitsan,

No worries, we will figure something out. Thanks!

Happy monitoring :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response. It would be highly useful to have a guide with screenshot once completed

Thanks Thiago for jumping to this thread!

Hello @nitsan-reznik ,

We have a PR now at that brings fixes for Teams, but we are waiting for the user to do a rebase for we move forward with it.

We were also expecting some instructions to test the PR, so it is possible that your problems will be fixed when the PR is merged, but right now we cannot move forward with it.

Best regards!