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Microsoft Teams Channel Alerts

Hello All,

I haven’t found anything related to some troubleshooting issues with respect to Teams Integration.

Based on the following steps in this URL: Microsoft Teams | Learn Netdata , everything is configured correctly however, no alerts are actually coming up to Teams channel.

Can you kindly advice.

Hi, @nitsan.reznik

What alerts are you expecting to get? Asking because there is delay option which affects sending notifications (check this topic).

If it is not the delay option, then my suggestion is to check error.log

grep ‘Microsoft team’ error.log

We log an error when failing to send a notification.

And check Testing Notifications page.


Basically all health alerts for every asset configured and any alerts I can see on console. Checked this is not a delay and whilst checking log error, I cannot see anything related to Team though.

Any other ideas?

Try to test notification from the command line.