Is it possible for us to collect data and visualize it on the client side?

Hi, I appreciate your great service and am interested in the Netdata service. Due to our internal security policy, I would like to know if we can collect data from our end.

(Client) Server with NetData agent :arrow_forward: (NETDATA side)NetData Server :arrow_forward: Visualize to Clients

(Client-Side) Server with NetData agent :arrow_forward: (Client-Side) Aggregation Server :arrow_forward: Visualize to Groups

Hi @smtown.bonjaski0989,

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At the moment we don’t have an on-premises model, we have being exploring this and doing some experiments but nothing concrete yet.

Could you expand a bit more on the constraints you have from your side? If you prefer you can e-mail me at

Also, not sure if you the page on our documentation about Security and privacy design | Learn Netdata were we explain that no metric data is stored in Netdata Cloud.

Dashboard data a user views and alert notifications do travel over Netdata Cloud, as they also travel over third party networks, to reach the user’s web browser or the notification integrations the user has configured, but Netdata Cloud does not store metric data. It only transforms them as they pass through it, aggregating them from multiple Agents and Parents, to appear as one data source on the user’s browser.