Is there any way to know the process id in cpu monitoring?

During monitoring I sometimes have cpu spikes caused by an application and a process but can I know the id of the process?
For example the java process when it has a load I would like to know which id’s to be able to search it in the system.

Thank you very much for your attention. Thanks a lot for your attention.

No, not yet, unfortunately. We have a feature coming that will display a lot of info on running processes on a table format, but it’s still in development.

What I can suggest is, if the various java processes on your node have differences between them in the way they are presented in ps, perhaps you can split them into smaller groups than just java, bymodifying apps_groups.conf.


Thank you very much for the clarification, we will try the above.

Thank you very much it worked for me one last question that I don’t know if it is possible I would like to launch a message when the process in particular exceeds a % of cpu for example:

alarm: cpu_template
on: apps.cpu
lookup: average -10s percentage foreach process1,process2,process3, …
every: 1s
warn: $this > 60
crit: $this > 90
to: sysadmin

Should it work? Or can’t it be done? Thanks

You got it, except that the “foreach” parameters would need to be the process groups defined in apps_grouos.conf, i.e. the exact dimensions yiu see in the chart. These aren’t individual processes, but groups of processes matching the names defined for each process group

Once again, thank you! @Christopher_Akritid1 !!