local registry, notification link still points to cloud

I only have one instance and I configured it as local registry.
I can see in the browser dev-tools that the server is registering with itself.

But Notifications still point to Netdata Cloud | Alarm Redirect
The link only redirects me to a login form.

What else do I need to configure so that my local registry is used as described here?

Hello ! Thank for your report.

It should use a different url (not going to the cloud) when you have a custom registry… will try to reproduce and will let you know!

thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I am using the native binary nightly packages on debian bullseye.
It is a fresh installation on a proxmox server.

Hello !

Any updates about this ? I have the exact same problem.
My Netdata registry is enabled and working, and Netdata cloud is disabled in the /etc/netdata/cloud.d/cloud.conf file, but my notifications still have the Netdata cloud link.
Should I file an issue on Github ?


Hi, yes please (let’s move it to a github issue) and sorry for the late reply!