Masking of password in vsphere configuration file

I can’t seem to find any relevant information about not using clear text passwords in a configuration file. For example I want to monitor my Vcentre nodes and VMs, but do not like the idea of having to enter a password in clear text. Is there a way I can do this by using a keystore of some sort?

Any help or information would be appreciated

Hello @cductive and welcome into our community.

Unfortunately, there is no way to support your request atm. You are always more than welcome to open a feature request in the open source repo (pitch it as a discussion), if it interests multiple users we can prioritize it.

A workaround that it’s the best practice at the moment (applies to most of the collectors) is to have a separate user following the least privilege principle (for instance read-only privileges) only for Netdata use.

I hope it will help you,

Hi Tasos,
Thank you for you response. I thought that might be the case, but just wanted to ask the question.