vCenter certificate issue despite tls_verify_skip : yes

I am trying to pull data into the cloud through a connected ubuntu agent with the GO vSphere collector plugin. When i troubleshoot the vcenter plugin, i see that it fails on the certificate. This is a test setup which uses the default certificate from VMware. I searched the forum, and found that adding tls_skip_verify should do the trick, but for some reason it’s still failing. Anyone have an idea what i’m doing wrong?


  • name: redacted
    url: https://redacted
    username: administrator@vsphere.local
    password: xxxxxxx
    host_include: [‘/‘]
    vm_include: [’/
    tls_skip_verify: yes

[ DEBUG ] build[manager] build.go:154 received config group (‘/etc/netdata/go.d/vsphere.conf’): 1 jobs (added: 1, removed: 0)
[ DEBUG ] build[manager] build.go:303 building vsphere[redacted] job, config: map[provider:file reader source:/etc/netdata/go.d/vsphere.conf autodetection_retry:0 host_include:[/] module:vsphere name:redacted password:xxxxxxxx priority:70000 tls_skip_verify:true update_every:20 url:https://redacted username:administrator@vsphere.local vm_include:[/]]
[ WARN ] vsphere[redacted] vsphere.go:148 update_every is to low, minimum recommended is 20
[ ERROR ] vsphere[redacted] vsphere.go:161 error on creating vsphere client: Post “https://redacted/sdk”: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority
[ ERROR ] vsphere[redacted] job.go:186 init failed

@PeterM hi. Can you update to the latest nightly release and check again? I think the problem is fixed in the lastest.

Thank you, this fixed my issue.
Great product!