Mobile App ?

Is anyone aware of a Netdata backed mobile app at this point in time. I found a few at the Apple store but I don’t feel secure exposing a server to a random developer somewhere. Anyone have thoughts on this?

Hello @servermatter welcome!

This comes up often enough - we don’t actually have an official app. We are working on a mobile friendly alerts page atm and hopefully will build more mobile friendly pages from there to try bridge this gap a little.

So the app’s on apple store or google play store are unofficial but I have seen others use them before not heard of any issues but totally get where you are coming from.

We are actually also working on a Grafana data source plugin at the moment which means first making some public netdata cloud auth endpoints and public api’s etc which developers could probably also build mobile app’s on and the auth there would be api token based and so probably would be better or more comfortable creating a read token for an app and just letting it use that token to pull metrics data via netdata cloud.

I wish we had a really nice mobile app or that the app itself was much more mobile friendly so it’s something we want to start improving but it is more like a secondary objective to the desktop based experience which is the main focus right now given trade offs and resource constraints etc. I’m afraid.

But thanks for the post asking about it as tbh if enough users ask for it then we obviously need to address it or maybe re-prioritize it higher perhaps.

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Thanks for the reply. Understood.