Monitor multiple hosts with freeipmi?


Is it possibleto multiple networkworked hosts with the freeipmi.plugin ? Currently it defaults to monitor localhost only, but the config does seem to allow for specifying a remote host. How would I specify multiple remote hosts?

You can specify a remote host. Use command options in the [plugin:freeipmi] section. You can’t specify multiple hosts though.

Thanks for confirming. This is a shame, as I can’t run netdata on some of the hosts I want to monitor, but there is IMPI that could have been used.

You can make a trick. Create as many shell scripts in /usr/libexec/netdata/plugins.d as you need each of them running the freeipmi plugin with different options. The scripts should end with the .plugin suffix.

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Thanks for that suggestion. I’ll test it ASAP. :slight_smile: