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Monitoring of available OS package updates (Debian / Ubuntu based distros)

Hello Netdata Comunity,

I have the requirement to monitor how many operating system updates are available on my hosts.
Since this was not available in Netdata, I created some python.d plugin for the Netdata Agent that collects
this metric, so I can see how many updates are pending on each host.

I thought this might be handy for someone else, so I put the plugin on Github for everyone to use:

This plugin collects how many package updates are available and could be installed by using “apt-get” which is available on ale Debian / Ubuntu based Linux distributions. I tested it in Debian 8 - 11.

I hope someone will find this helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

best regards,


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This is awesome, thanks!

We are currently discussing to build a repo for community collectors, so everyone can share their collectors easily.

Please stay tuned as we share more in the near future.