netdata DD-WRT compatibility


I have a problem I can’t access netdata, I’m using the latest version of DD-WRT v3.0-r48567 on wrt1900acs v2, I’m using a USB stick and I followed this installation tutorial for real-time monitoring with netdata.

I omitted some settings in the web interface ?

Hello @oliver44 and welcome in our community. Could you please elaborate a little bit more? what you mean: I can’t access netdata. What do you do to access it?

Note: This installation method is supported by the community. For any of the OpenWrt versions you may have installed an old version of the Netdata Agent (v1.30-)

Here you can find the official Netdata platform support policy | Learn Netdata

These PRs may interests you: (thanks to @ilyam8 for the context)

It’s a bit of an old topic but maybe someone else is having similar issue.
The problem, at least in my case, was that the installation of netdata do not create the necessary folders and that’s why it doesn’t actually start.
missing were the following folders:
/opt/var/cache/netdata /opt/var/lib/netdata /opt/var/log/netdata
After creating those folders executing netdata was enough to see the statistics page.
Basically you can just run netdata in the terminal and it will output the problems that prevent it from starting , look for lines starting with FATAL

I hope this explanation helps someone else.