Netdata still running even when systemctl service is masked

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Netdata still running even when systemctl service is masked

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On Ubuntu (latest version of the agent)

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Netdata shouldn’t be running

I was trying to uninstall (wiped the dirs after) and installed the latest version of netdata

However, I noticed that the netdata installer script installed netdata into /opt/netdata instead. And systemctl service is masked, but the newly installed netdata agent is still accessible.

So now how can I stop the running netdata (the one that’s installed in /opt/netdata dir) properly?

And why during the uninstall, the netdata.service file is not removed? Or is this normal and has to be manually removed by me?

Hi @philip

What version of Ubuntu are you running? In some cases of older Ubuntu’s, the installer might pick a static install to use (what you see in /opt/netdata) if there are no packages for this distribution.

The static install should be controllable from the service file. I would guess in this case that there was something left over from the uninstall. Did you also use the kickstart script the first time you installed netdata?

Hello @Manolis_Vasilakis

Ubuntu Jammy (Ubuntu 22.04)

Service file? Where is it located?

Yes, installed through kickstarter script (stable channel with no updates). Uninstall was done using the uninstall script.