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Pausing Netdata Client

Is there an option to pause the Netdata client with a specific command? Or at least the health checks.

The use case behind this question is that we have certain operations where we know that they will cause alarms, e.g. when running system updates. We would like to avoid those by pausing the Netdata agent right before we start such operations and resume them right afterwards.

We could stop the service completely, but we want the charts to continue selecting data, just raising alarms should be paused.

Is that possible?

Hi @jurgenhaas

Please check health management API. I believe it is what you are looking for

Thanks @Stelios_Fragkakis that sounds promising, we’ll give it a try. Sounds like it’s only available over the HTTP API and not locally for the agent though?

You can issue the API calls from localhost, so you can include the silencing/enabling and reenabling in any cron job.